Home is Where the Heart is….

What a cheesey and over used saying, but it couldn’t be more true than the leaves falling during fall. Our hearts follow us wherever we go but a lot of places don’t feel like home. Some people find it in another person, a physical home, a place, an item, a toy. There is so many things that our hearts seem to fall into without our realization. This is one of our many humanly weaknesses, but I find my home first in God but second in the woodsy nature surrounding me at this moment.

The sunset bringing out the yellows, pinks, and reds in the clouds while its golden self descends for the night. The greenery of the woods and the way the forest can stand perfectly still yet come alive at the same time. The way that the water droplet plunges onto the delicate grass after a soft rain. To hear everything and absolutely nothing at all. This is where my heart longs to be. My mind seems to slowly clear itself of the clutter that it has formed during the few days or weeks that I have been away from this paradise. How I wish I could wake up to this sight every morning and close my eyes knowing what is surrounding me. Just to hear the birds and their morning song, to feel the mushy country grass between my toes, to taste the rain hanging in the air from yesterdays storm, and to see nothing beyond except trees and shrubs. No distractions, no busy city noises, no phone notifications, nothing that today’s society thinks it offers. Just me, God and the wondrous creation that he has blessed me to know.

These moments are few and far in between but you learn to treasure each second so you can hang on those until the next sunset to be home again.

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