It is true what they say. Materialistic things really can’t buy happiness. You can be filled for a few minutes maybe even hours with joy and excitement when you get something new, yet that joy and excitement feels shallow. It doesn’t feel like the real joy, it feels like an imposter who kidnaped the soul deep joy. The excitement fades, leaving a feeling of loneliness a hole that can never seem to be filled. A thirst that is so intense that there wouldn’t be enough drops in the ocean to be enough to quench the thirst that materialism had made. You can just see it on the faces of people, their eyes glazed over looking down at a screen. Not truly living in this world anymore whether that is on social media, or just buying new things or even worse just trying to fill up their time. Why can’t people have soul feelings anymore, deep feelings that can only be felt in real true moments, not moments from man made objects but of things from this earth and God.

How can it be so easy to fall into that trap, wanting the newest things, living a life to just spend money. I recently got a new job and am making so much more money than I used to and I can already feel it changing me. This is a scary place to be, I don’t want to be like the people in this world where they can only rely on gadgets and a screen. I don’t want to live empty for the rest of my life. I don’t want to be looking into the 2D world I want to experience the 3D one that God has given us. I want to break free of this emptiness, this feeling that I’m not ok unless I have every gadget to make my life easy. I want to feel my soul again, I want to feel life and true joy once more from this earth and the Lord not from the newest thing I have or want to have. We must break free from these chains that hold us down and keep us from experiencing the life that we are actually supposed to live.

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