I need to get out of my head, have you ever been so wrapped up in your thoughts where you forget whats actually real and whats make believe. This is where I have been sitting for a long time… I just want to write down my thoughts and feelings without any judgement or worry about how I will be perceived or what people will think of me. And so what do I start doing? I start judging myself and perceiving myself in a certain way before anything even gets written down. I want to move past this… I just want to write exactly what I’m thinking, no more getting in my own way (even though right now I’m thinking about how I keep repeating myself). But thats not the point, I want to feel free with my thinking. I want this page to just become a place where I can have creative exercise without judgement.

So lets get right down to it! I’m so excited to write about many different topics on this page, to really write about anything and everything. Sometimes the writings may be super short or super long. Every week is going to vary and thats thrilling for me to actually write about things I enjoy without judgement (can’t think of another word besides judgement haha). I hope that you’re excited to go on this journey with me as I try and stretch my brain and talk about things I love (God, books, video games, etc.) Yes I know that I’m a dork, but hey, thats alright!

I think that about wraps it up for this session of my ted talk. I just hope that you know that you’re not alone, no one is harder on yourself then you. Don’t let your insecurities and doubts get in the way, embrace the wonderful way that God made you and let yourself be free.

2 thoughts on “Restart

  1. I am happy that have found an outlet that allows you to be yourself and share what’s on your. The best part of that is what you share could really help someone. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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