Dream Planner

This year I decided to make my dreams a priority, no matter how little or small they are. During the year 2020 I got so busy with the day to day things. Which is totally understandable, everyone was just trying to make it through and if we are all being honest with ourselves we are still thinking like that. There was a lot that happened last year that took up all my attention (that will be a story for another time). But through all that I learned that you can’t just let life pass you by, and you can’t get swept up in just trying to survive day to day. Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take care of responsibilities (job, chores, cleaning, taking care of the kids, bills, etc.) the list can go on and on. I’m just saying give yourself room to dream. Remember when we were little and we used to dream about the craziest stuff, like becoming an astronaut, famous singer, cowboy, ballerina. Or where we could just spend hours painting, coloring, pretending to open a little business, playing dress up. Then we all grew up and “grew out” of those dreams and activities because adulthood took precedence. Now I know that we have many more responsibilities as adults compared to when we were kids, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop dreaming.

One of the qualities that I pride myself in is my childlike heart. Even though I am in my mid 20s and married I hold onto this heart. With this in mind I decided to remember what I loved doing as a kid, I tried to open myself up to dreaming again. We all need to think back to what we loved doing, because that is still a piece of us, just buried far beneath the surface. One thing I loved doing as a kid was either writing or pretending to be on a talk show. Thinking to what that would now look like for my life, I decided to start writing on this blog again, and maybe someday work up the nerve to start a podcast (way in the future). But I needed help, I had no idea where to even begin, I had goals before, but I could never stick to them and I always ended giving up.

Thats when I found Horacioprinting! They have an amazing planner called a dream planner. Its a journal/ planner that really helps guide you into actually fulfilling your dreams. It is split up into different seasons (the actual calendar seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall). And each season you fill out the dream section, this contains what you want to focus on, how you are going to focus on it, and what distractions may try and take you away from your dream. It is motivational, encouraging and keeps you accountable (that was the biggest thing I needed). I also want to add that it is amazing quality, every single page is card stock, and it is so customizable. They have different versions depending on how you want to set up your planner, and they have different designs (pictured above is my personal planner). It is a Christian based organization and so the planner will also help you in your faith walk with the Lord. I would highly recommend this beautiful and all around fun creative planner. 10/10 would recommend! Their link is up above, make sure to check them out! Did I forget to mention that have videos and podcasts to help you along when filling out the different sections of the planner! Definitely helped me out when I was going through, give it a listen and see what you think! Lets start dreaming together!

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