Thoughts on Diamond Painting

I’m just gonna come right out and say it, I struggle with anxiety and OCD. Now I know that I’m certainly not the only one. I understand the feeling of not being able to control your thoughts, or always thinking the worst possible outcome is going to happen. And you just replay that outcome over and over in your head (even though the probability of it happening is 0.00000001% chance). A lot of the time it’s crippling, where it really takes complete control of my mind and I almost can’t function until I fix the situation, get out of it, or even turn that light switch on and off and on and off until it feels “right”. For those of you who feel this way too, I understand.

Now, I could write a whole post on my OCD and anxiety but thats not why I’m writing to you today. I want to talk to you about something amazing that I found that genuinely helps me with my anxiety and OCD. Its called DIAMOND PAINTING! I know I know, this has been around for a while but I haven’t started doing it until recently. In my review of the dream planner I currently own, it talks about finding things that you enjoyed doing as a kid. Activities that we used to do when we were little still hold a place in our heart and can still bring us true joy. One of the things I liked doing as a kid was coloring by numbers. I couldn’t get enough, just the way that the picture turned out in the end and how I could see it slowly coming together was magical. As I have grown up I have become such a task oriented person that being creative off the fly is difficult for me. So really thinking about who I am now, and remembering what I enjoyed as a kid, and something that is task oriented, satisfying and colorful? This is when I found diamond painting.

What is diamond painting you might ask? Well, it’s basically placing little tiny plastic studs on a sticky canvas, you follow the number legend on the side and you place the corresponding color with the number or symbol. There are rounded diamonds or square ones, I started with round because there is more wiggle room for error and I am brand new at this.

Depending on how big and elaborate the image is will change how long it takes to complete. I will say that these projects are going to take a looooooooooong time but will be super rewarding in the end. I love organizing things as well, and so above, I organized each little color into its own container with the matching number that the legend had stated (I know its weird but this was so much fun for me hahaha).

Long story short this new hobby of mine has not only brought me joy but also relaxation and an escape from my anxiety. When I sit down and work on this for an hour and I play some soft music in or listen to a podcast, that is really all I focus on. It takes my mind off of all the obsessions and triggers that are surrounding me. I just place the diamonds down one by one and slowly watch the picture come together. Maybe they are on to something when they talk about taking up hobbies that you used to do as a kid. There is magic, freedom and carefreeness that you feel like you did when you were a kid. If you struggle with anxiety, OCD, or depression I would highly recommend just giving this a try. Kits are pretty cheap to buy off of Amazon. The above picture is what I’m currently working on! I’ll post the finished project as soon as I’m done!

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